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About Us

We are a #Live #Video #Web #Streaming #Production #Agency

With 15 years of technical and production expertise. Our industry experts can provide one-stop solutions to the ever-changing media landscape. We can provide quick #news live-link (Mobile-Bonding Technology) turnarounds to small one-man-band web streaming presentation to your social media pages. To large full-scale events planning and consultancy. Wanna know more? Let's have coffee, get in touch: contact@mocamvisuals.tv



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Is it a large conference?  A Small Wedding or even a School Play. Well now you can bring your colleagues, friends and family to your live event.

Our Clients

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Get in touch now to discuss your event's requirements, and how we can make life simple. Let's arrange a cuppa: contact@mocamvisuals.tv


+Video Production

+news coverage



+PR-Video news releases



Web streaming:

+live events




+corporate meetings




just a sample of the organisations that have used our services 

Using only professional cameras and latest equipment and technologies to webstream at high-quality bandwidth: buffer-free to aNy platforms and devices

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Live Presentations

Corporate Companies, Academic Institutions, Health Care Professionals and Houses of Worship